Welcome to saralkharidi, a revolutionary new app that brings consumers and retail store owners across India on a single platform.

saralkharidi presents you an unique opportunity to sponsor your brand and get excellent returns on your investments.

Why Should I Sponsor saralkharidi?

If you are a big, established brand:

  • The large e-commerce portals have bigger bargaining power with all brands due to their scale of operations. Many of them introducing their own private labels and promoting them ahead of established brands. saralkharidi is the concept that helps you strengthen your brand in your traditional supply chain.
  • Target your advertising: saralkharidi allows you to target your advertisements to either Retailers or Consumers or both.
  • Quick and easy promotions: You can run promo for as short or as long a period you like - either Retailers or Consumers or both.
  • Non-competitive relationship with saralkharidi

If you are an upcoming or niche brand:

  • Saralkharidi offers you a cost-effective medium to reach out to retail stores and consumers, as you may select
  • Targeted promotional offers possible: Retailers or Consumers or both
  • You can reach out to specific categories of stores: such as Kirana stores or Stationery Stores and such
  • You may put small budgets to good use by targeting specific cities